EpiPen Price Gouging Highlights Need For Lobbying Reform

EpiPen and Container - Price GougingHealth care is an area where the American people have been subjected to horrible price gouging as a result of bad laws. The EpiPen debacle is one example how a corrupt legislative process has made a few people very rich at the expense of millions of American taxpayers.

Basically, Mylan bought up the patent on the EpiPen device, and they now have a monopoly. The CEO, Health Bresch, is a Democrat and daughter of West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV). Before becoming CEO of this Big Pharma company, guess what Bresch did for a living? Why, she was Mylan’s chief lobbyist!

Low and behold, in 2013, a bill was passed and signed by President Obama, which mandated EpiPens be placed in ALL US public schools. Of course, its helpful for children with food allergies – no one is debating that. But it is even better for Heather Bresch.

After the law was passed, and her company had large bundles of guaranteed cash coming in, she had her salary increase by 671% while simultaneously raising the cost of the EpiPens. In fact, there have been double-digit price increases for the EpiPen every other quarter.

Now, Bresch is correct when she says that some of the fault with the higher costs are a result of our health care insurance system. However, most of the blame rests at her door step. And offering rebates / coupons is simply not going to cut it.

This is one example of why I believe we need significant lobbying reform. I support a provision that requires legislators to identify which corporations are set to benefit substantially from laws BEFORE they are passed. We also deserve to know what text in EVERY proposed law is coming from a lobbyist. And Congress should be required to notify the American people ANY TIME a law is designed to benefit a company that will have a de-facto monopoly, and they should be required to include price protections, so the American people DO NOT get charged outrageous costs. #lobbyingreform #healthcare #epipen