A Record 43% of Americans Are Political Independents

Voter Identification As Democrats Or Republicans Drops To Historic Lows

In a stunning new Gallup poll released today, a record 43% of Americans in 2014 identified themselves as independents. The number of people willing to identify with one of the two major political parties dropped, with Republicans having the lowest popularity since 1983 and Democrats suffering the largest drop – from 36% down to 30%. The last time 30% of Americans identified themselves as Democrats was believed to be in the 1950s.

Gallup Poll - January 2015 - Majority Identify As Political Independents - Democrat and Republican Support Drops

According to Gallup, the data used to compile these charts was aggregated from 15 different polls conducted over the course of 2014.

Support For A Third Party Also High

For people who have challenged the idea that a third party is necessary, the latest data and trends strongly suggests otherwise. The majority of Americans are highly dissatisfied with the way government and policy is being handled. Overall trust of government is at its lowest level in history. The perception is strong from Americans that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are focused on the top issues.

In September of 2014, Gallup released a report that showed a majority of U.S. adults (58%) wanted a third party, because the Democrats and Republicans “do such a poor job” representing the interests of the American people.

Gallup Poll - September 2014 - Support For Third Party Almost 60%

Given the growing ineffectiveness of Democrats and Republicans to work together, the trend of American voters identifying as independents as well as desiring a third party is expected to grow.