Reform Party of Virginia Launches Draft Jim Webb 2016 Campaign

In the early 1990’s the country was faced with a U.S. congress that was not acting, and a president that seemed detached from the economic hardships many Americans were experiencing.

Gridlock in government prevailed, our national debt and budget deficits seemed to be on an unsustainable path, and the idea of making government work for the people and not the special interests was foreign to all politicians.

The political landscape changed in the early 1990s, as detached politicians and political royalty gave way to an independent American political movement that wanted power for the people. Independents and Americans, tired and frustrated that their voice was not being heard, created a political bloc that forced congress and the president to reform welfare and the tax code, and balance the budget. It retrospect, it was the only period of time in the last two decades (and the first since the 1950s) that we achieved balanced budgets and established true priorities for our government.

However, our moment in the sun did not last long. Since then our national debt, which 20 years ago was around $4 trillion, is now approaching $20 trillion. We have run multiple years of trillion-dollar deficits. Politicians who once talked about issues that mattered to voters, now only play us lip-service.

The same Congress that passed laws which led to the worst financial crisis in our lifetimes has failed to get our economy moving. And despite huge government spending over the last several years, real unemployment among Americans remains high. Poverty and welfare levels are at their highest in history. Struggling to find work, tens of millions of Americans have been forced to drop out of the labor force completely and go on disability or welfare, giving us the lowest labor participation rate since the 1970s.

We have racial tensions, an education system in decline, a health care system that continues to grow in cost, growing economic disparity, and many other domestic problems.

Overseas, we have witnessed the U.S. go from being a leader with a strong foreign policy focused on America’s vital security interests and values to a combination of out-of-control bravado and a desire to lead from behind. Our lack of consistency, vision and leadership has created enormous challenges for our armed forces and our allies.

It’s time we turned the corner.

Jim Webb is an independent political voice.

Webb has focused throughout his political career on how to prioritize our federal government’s spending.

He sees the challenges facing our urban poor, blacks and other minorities. What’s more, he has not forgotten poor whites in the south and rural America or our elderly.

He served in Congress as counsel to the House Committee on Veterans Affairs from 1977 to 1981. In 1982 he led the fight to include an African American soldier in the Vietnam Veterans memorial on the National Mall. In 1984 he was appointed Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs, and in 1987 became Secretary of the Navy.

As a U.S. Senator from Virginia, Webb talked about prison reform, economic fairness and helping our veterans long before they became popular political buzz words. What’s more, he has written and passed legislation – while others have not – to show he believes actions speak louder than words.

Webb has talked repeatedly about combating special interest groups in Washington, and getting our federal policy-makers to focus on good governance. For Webb, it is not a matter of ideology, party politics or meeting the needs of special interests, but delivering a government that works for the people.

In foreign policy, Jim Webb knew the dangers of an invasion of Iraq. His analysis and the predictions that he made several months before the invasion of a future in Iraq fraught with rising sectarian violence and terrorism, have been validated by today’s reality.

During his tenure in the U.S. Senate, Webb co-authored legislation which exposed 60 billion dollars of waste, fraud and abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan wartime-support contracts. He was not afraid to challenge the military machine or the hawks, because his allegiance is to the American taxpayer.

Other candidates have demonstrated a lack of foresight in foreign policy decision-making. Many lack expertise in foreign policy despite years of being in the government. Jim Webb’s military background (he would be the only combat veteran seeking to become President) and experience make him the most qualified candidate to be commander in chief.

He is the only candidate capable of developing a consistent and strong U.S. foreign policy. And while he does not believe in rushing into military action and needless sacrificing the lives of Americans, Webb will not hesitate to use American power to protect our national security and vital interests.

Americans are tired of the special interests and the two-parties dictating our policies and our futures.

Is there any doubt that the election of a Democrat or Republican for President in 2016 will follow with years of bombastic, and inflammatory political rhetoric? Years of inaction and accusations? Years of kicking the can down the road on our biggest challenges?

We deserve better!

Can we afford 4 more years of missed opportunities while millions of Americans go unemployed or under-employed, children face dwindling opportunities in education and the workforce, and those Americans who sacrificed the most are pushed aside?

The Reform Party of Virginia believes America deserves better leadership. This is why we have started Draft Webb 2016.

Senator Jim Webb can be that independent voice of reason that restores honor and integrity to the White House, and our government.

The Draft Webb 2016 website is designed to draft Jim Webb to run as a Reform Party candidate for President of the United States. Right now, Senator Webb is considering such a run.

We want and need your help to get Senator Webb on the ballot in all 50 states, and to create as much public support as possible to convince him to run as a true independent reformer. Someone who can restore balance and priorities to our government. End the gridlock in Washington, DC. And truly give ALL Americans a voice.

If you are interested in helping us in this effort, please reach out to our team. You can email us at:

Please keep in mind, due to the volume of requests we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.