Ross Perot - Reform Party

The Reform Party is a solutions-oriented political party that was founded in the 1990s

People from all over the United States are looking for a fresh alternative to the status quo.

People are looking for a reasonable, common sense party in which we can recommend fair trade (not free trade), a balanced budget (as compared to deficit spending) and a goal of making our country better for our children and our children’s children.

We as Americans need reform in Washington DC and in every state throughout our great country. We must establish, build and expand Reform Parties in each state, all sharing a common goal. A goal to benefit America.I plan on rolling up my sleeves and working hard in this position.

As a volunteer, I want to make a difference for my family and yours. I need your help. I need your support. I need your energy.

Together, we can make a difference and we can take back American Values and the America which we all have a right to be proud of.

- Reform Party Chairman, Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D.

The last several years have proven that it is impossible to reform or change the corrupt ways of the Democratic and Republican parties. We own this country. It's time we had a strong Reform Party to make sure the people, not the special interests and lobbyists, are heard.

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Important Solutions and Statements

Our policy solutions and issue statements will appear soon.

Our policy solutions and issue statements will appear soon.

Our policy solutions and issue statements will appear soon.


Ever wonder how Americans feel about a third party? Here are some statistics and key facts that show more Americans want an end to the two-party system.

•      In a stunning poll from Gallup, 61 percent of Americans believe that neither the Democratic nor Republican parties does an adequate job governing the country, and that a third party is necessary.

•      This year, the largest number of independent voters (77%) said they wanted a third party that was centrist and focused on solutions, the highest in history.

•      A record 43% of Americans in 2014 identified themselves as independents.

•      The number of people willing to identify with one of the two major political parties dropped, with Republicans having the lowest popularity since 1983 and Democrats suffering the largest drop – from 36% down to 30%. The last time 30% of Americans identified themselves as Democrats was believed to be in the 1950s.

"The American citizen must be made aware that today a relatively small group of people is proclaiming its purposes to be the will of the People. That elitist approach to government must be repudiated." - William E. Simon


Michael Hackmer
Chairman, Reform Party of Virginia

It is clear that the two-party system is failing America.

Democrats and Republicans do not plan the federal budget, or work to develop new ideas and new policies to improve education, infrastructure, healthcare or our economy. They tax and spend, run high deficits, and grow the national debt.

Many do not remember, but the last time the two-parties worked hard for the American people was back in the early 1990s. Fearing the growing threat to their power from independent Ross Perot, and later the Reform Party, Democrats and Republicans worked together to balance the budget, reform government, and pass new laws to help America.

It is time to end two-party rule, and return to the days where the American citizen has a voice, and our politicians worked for us, and not lobbyists and special interest groups.

It's time for the Reform Party.