Health Care

The problem with our health care system is structural. Health care needs to be reformed. The political arena is the last place to expect a rational system to be developed. The political system, after all, is ingeniously constructed to allow different groups to push their own interests in the hope that the compromises that result will benefit the whole nation. That has worked fine in some areas. It has not worked in reforming a public/private relationship as loaded with pitfalls and potential profit as our health-care system.

The Reform Party of Virginia suggests that we should adopt both short-term and long-term strategies.

Short Term: Cost Containment And Prevention Through Wellness

In the short term, a cost containment and wellness program should be developed. Wellness needs to be a greater part of our health care system. Various health-care experts and representatives of affected groups should have a series of work sessions with government officials. A plan should be put into effect as quickly as possible.

Long Term: Comprehensive National Health Policy - Reform Affordable Care Act

  • Encouraging problem solving by everyone involved
  • Reaching a consensus on a set of principles for reform
  • Determining a basic benefit package for universal coverage and appropriate tax treatment of health benefits
  • Asking states to submit comprehensive health-care reform proposals that meet agreed-upon principles and cost-containment targets
  • Changing federal rules to allow states the necessary flexibility to conduct pilot programs

It is only a failure of leadership that has kept us from solving this problem in a way that makes sense for the majority of Americans.

And as the problems mount with our existing system and now the Affordable Care Act, we begin to give in to the notion that government can only make the system worse.

Our overall goal needs to take into what has really worked well for Americans. What's more, we need to examine how we can improve the professional lives of our health care and medical professionals who are the best in the world.