Immigration Reform

The Reform Party of Virginia believes that immigration enriches our country. Millions of Americans can trace their roots to families from all over the world.

However, that does not mean that we, as a county, must support illegal immigration, grant amnesty to people who have come to the U.S. illegally or increase the number of people immigrating from year to year.

First, job growth in the U.S. has slowed over the last several years. A majority of new jobs, including high-tech jobs, are going to foreign-born people, including illegal immigrants, instead of native born Americans. Second, illegal immigration and increased legal immigration have caused drains on local and state services. Education, health care and social services, for example, are facing budget shortfalls in Virginia and all across the country - and the added influx of people from other countries needs to be reduced to ensure we balance our budgets and meet service needs.

As a Party committed to putting America First, we support a reduction in legal immigration to the United States, reductions in H1B visas and a concerted effort to strengthen our border and dramatically reduce illegal immigration. To us, it is important that we work hard and make our primary focus getting American citizens back to work and ensuring we can provide basic services for all our citizens.

Some of our federal and state positions include:

  • Immediately increase border protection, border services for humanitarian aid and processing centers to substantially reduce illegal immigration into the United States.
  • End the illegal, selective enforcement of immigration laws. Anyone who has applied and/or received documents through this process will be entered into a new program to determine their immigration status.
  • Temporarily issue visas for illegal immigrants to allow them to come forward, register and make plans to return to their home countries so they can reapply for proper work visas and citizenship.
  • Better prioritize federal spending, and make sure that Virginia receives adequate compensation to provide services, where needed, to assist people from foreign countries immigrating to the U.S.
  • Better prioritize state education and social services funding to ensure we, as a state, are meeting the needs to people coming to Virginia from outside the U.S. Early investments in education and health care can help reduce long-term costs, which is better for families and Virginia taxpayers.