Jobs For Virginia And America

America is in an economic crisis like none we have ever seen. Bad trade, tax and economic policies from the Democrats and Republicans have caused the loss of millions of jobs in manufacturing, services and other sectors to countries like China, India, and Mexico.

The last time the U.S. had a trade surplus was in 1975. Since 1985, our cumulative trade deficit with just China exceeds $2.1 trillion. We have lost over 8 million manufacturing jobs in the last ten years.

Small and mid-sized businesses looking to hire American workers pay some of the highest corporate tax rates in the world, while large corporations that outsource workers pay reduced rates or nothing.

The only way to really create jobs in America, is to resolve our trade deficits and reward businesses that hire American workers. We need to be firm and relentless in our efforts to lead the world in manufacturing and exports, and change the policies supported by the Democratic and Republican parties that continue to cost us jobs.

  1. We need to restore the “Made in America” label and enable people to buy products that help support their neighbors and their communities. To do that, we need to reward the exporting of American manufactured goods, raise fees on excessive imports and reward the creation of new manufacturing jobs.
  2. All our trade agreements should have strategic benefits to the country over the long-term, and provide jobs. Trade must first be fair, rather than free, and our massive trade deficit needs to be either balanced or generating a positive gain for America if we are going to be successful in the years ahead.
  3. Businesses need to buy American, even if it costs a little more. Through tax amendments, incentives and an “American First” trade policy, we can increase buying American-made goods in the near future.